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“Ner embodies a business philosophy where the most important aspect is belief in people. The belief that people are responsible, sensible, and naturally motivated.”

Corporate Rebels

Successful Self-Management

Ner companies take a radical approach to structuring businesses:

  • There is a “no-firing policy”
  • Employees are not laid off for economic reasons
  • There is no time clock
  • 30+% of profits are distributed to the employees
  • Pay is relatively equal across the company
  • Company financial information is transparent, including salary information
  • There are no traditional hierarchies – people are largely self-managed; no managers, no traditional CEO
  • Profits and employee time are donated to social causes

Despite not being labelled as DEI policies, each of these measures has potential to increase workplace and community equality. The model has proven enormously successful, with significant boosts to both profit and productivity.

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Successful Self-Management | Corporate Rebels


Ner is not alone in expanding the idea of how a successful company can operate. Spend some time exploring the 8 progressive corporate trends identified in this article. Which of these ways of doing business differently appeal to you? Can you imagine how they might be implemented in your workplace?