Case Study: Asana


Let’s take a look at another company’s approach to DEI. What can we learn (positive or negative) from Asana’s model?

Core Resources

Check out how Asana and their staff describe their workplace efforts toward equality. How do they land with you?

Belonging At Asana


Having watched the video above, you’ve heard from employees about the value of belonging in their workplace at Asana. Now let’s dig into how Asana has built this culture on a foundation on a diversity and inclusion policy.

First, check out Asana’s Build – Recruit – Thrive strategy.

Next, consider how the specifics of their approach might apply to your organisation. Draft a brief proposal which addresses at least one measure from each of the three categories (Build – Recruit – Thrive), adapted for your workplace. If you see gaps in what Asana has implemented, this is your opportunity to design an approach to fill them! If what they are doing resonates, how might you customise it to be uniquely suited to your context? 

Bring your completed drafts to the group discussion.